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Materials Science and Engineering


Index Databases

To search the technical literature, including journal articles, patents, technical reports, conferences, etc., use an index database.  These are the best:

Full Text Sources

Books and Printed Materials

Materials science is highly interdisciplinary, so you will find books on various related topics across multiple locations in the University Libraries, including in the Engineering Library, Chemistry Library, PMA Library, and various storage facilities.  Search in the Library Catalog by keyword for classes of materials, concepts, and techniques.  Remember that the topics of books are much broader in scope than the topics of individual articles.

The Library of Congress Classification System reflects the scattered nature of the subject.  These are call number areas where most print books are classified:

  • QC 176 - Solid state physics / Condensed matter physics
  • QD 380-388 - Polymer chemistry
  • QD 878 - Supramolecular chemistry
  • QD 900-999 - Crystallography
  • TA 401-409 - General materials science
  • TA 410-418 - "Special" materials, including composites, nanomaterials. etc.
  • TA 455 - Materials properties and testing
  • TA 459-489 - Metals and alloys
  • TK 7871 - Electronic materials
  • TN 600-799 - Metallurgy
    • TN 690 - Alloy phase diagrams
  • TP 1087-1190 - Plastics and polymer engineering

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