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ECO 384G - Business Cycles & Policy



This guide was created for ECO 384G Business Cycles and Policies students. This guide includes recommended reading for the first section of the syllabus.
Learning outcomes: By the end of this course section students will (1) be familiar with salient facts in the international trade and macro literature (2) be able to solve standard quantitative trade models (3) be familiar with current research integrating international trade and macro with an emphasis on international comovement and the transmission of real shocks across countries           

Table of Contents

Articles, Databases, & Journal Locator
This section is for access to recommended readings, and journal locator.
Introduction: Patterns of Global Change
This section has recommended readings for the background of trade models, research integrating international business cycle models and studying the transmission of shocks across countries.
The Simplest Model of Trade
This section has information about regional trade costs in the U.S. and Canada, Gravity Models, and Trade Costs.
Trade & Technology Differences
This section describes the evolution of comparative advantage, trade, and payments in a Ricardian Model.
Monopolistic Competition, and Trade
This section is about international trade to productivity, market size, and firm level dynamics.
Applications to Macros
This section is about frontiers and transmissions of business cycles and global production networks.


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