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RHE 368C: Writing Center Internship - Batt


What is this library session all about?

I am here to help you learn about college-level research. I understand learning doesn't work the same way for everyone, and that an hour isn't long enough to do more than get started. I want you to feel comfortable reaching out for help during and after the session, and confident about using this guide throughout the semester.

I do my best to foster an inclusive classroom environment to ensure that all of you are respected, safe and supported in your learning.

During our session today, we will cover the following:

1. Developing a search strategy to find sources relevant to your scenario.

2. Finding, evaluating and citing those sources 

3 Getting help

This guide includes everything from the session so you can refer back for refreshers, have a jumping off point for your research or learn about the topic in a different way than we covered it in class. It also includes some information we won't cover in class, such as how to find books and more suggestions for tools to find sources.

How Can a Librarian Help?

Librarians are available to help with every step of the research process. We are information professionals and love working with students to connect you with the information you need. We can help you:

  • choose a research topic or find a research question
  • broaden or narrow your topic
  • find sources, whether they are books, articles, maps, music, data, etc. We can help you do great searches using Libraries tools and search engines like Google. 
  • evaluate sources. Is it credible? Is it peer-reviewed? etc.
  • recommend tools for organizing your research and citations..


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Michele Ostrow

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