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Storage and Care of Architectural Records

This guide is meant to be a general overview of best practices that can be implemented and resources that can be consulted for the preservation of architectural record materials. The intended audiences are institutions that hold architectural records as p

Biological Enemies (Pests and Mold)

Biological Enemies

Organic materials in archival record materials, food and food garbage provide nourishment for the digestive systems of a host of unwanted visitors to your collections. Microscopic molds and insects which feed on glue, paper and cloth are themselves prey for pests such as larger insects, rodents, lizards, birds and all manner of species along the food chain. These pests are not only a danger to the collections, but can present a health hazard for the user and worker as well. Pests and molds seek warmth and water to survive, so the presence of pests and molds are indicative of environmental and maintenance problem(s) affecting your collections, such as unsealed windows or doors, poor sanitation, poor drainage, or poor air circulation. Eliminating standing water sources such as blocked drains, plants, constant or recurring leaks is also key to reducing infestation.

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