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Storage and Care of Architectural Records

This guide is meant to be a general overview of best practices that can be implemented and resources that can be consulted for the preservation of architectural record materials. The intended audiences are institutions that hold architectural records as p

Information and Granting Resources

Information and Granting Resources

Council on Library and Information Resources - CLIR activities include research, publications, grants, international cooperation and task forces on library and information issues. 

The Institute of Museum and Library Services -  IMLS is a federal agency that supports the activities of museum and library organizations, whether self-administered or part of a larger organizations, with grants, research, publications and other resources. Ongoing grants include Conservation Project Support and the Conservation Assessment Program.

The National Archives and Records Administration - NARA publishes general advice, publications and guidelines for archives administration and preservation in print and on the Web. They have developed an excellent FAQs page with questions and answers across record types. Of particular interest are an extensive listing of Archives and Preservation Resources, and suggestions for reformatting unstable office records such as may exist in architectural archives and manuscript collections.

National Trust for Historic Preservation (NTHP) - "NTHP is committed to saving America's diverse historic environments and to preserving and revitalizing the livability of its communities." The National Trust are an excellent resource for grants and information on Historic Preservation of buildings, environments and monuments.

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