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BME 333T - Engineering Communication

How to Get the Full Text

Getting the Full Text

Where is the article?

  1. Look around for a PDF or HTML button, image, or link. (This may seem obvious, but some of our vendors make it difficult to locate the link to the full-text.)
  2. Click   to see if it is available in another database or in print in the library.
  3. Click  if you find that your article is only available in print in the library. Library staff can scan the article for you for free.

Already have a citation?

TIP: Paste the title of the citation into Google, for example, "Cybersecurity skills: Foundational theory and the cornerstone of advanced persistent threats (APTs) mitigation".‚Äč

  • Even though you are off-campus, if the library subscribes to journal and has the issue containing your article
    • you can still get access to the article AFTER you have logged-in to our proxy server via UTDIRECT or one of our library databases.

Find a Journal

  • To see if we have access to a particular journal title (print or electron) use the Journals link to see which database(s) provide online access and for which years.

If we don't have an article or book:

  • InterLibrary Services -  will obtain books, articles, and other material not owned by the University of Texas libraries.  For Maymester, it will not work to ask for a whole book but it is fine to ask for a scan of a book chapter.  


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