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BME 333T - Engineering Communication

Cross-Cultural Collaboration

Working Across Borders

Databases for Finding Journal Articles:

  • To find journal articles on cross-cultural collaboration, search the usual databases; see the articles page.
  • We especially recommend:

Recommended search terms:

We see two major, and somewhat different, themes.  

  • InternationalInternational and engineering and collaboration 

-adding "global" helps give the added sense of global-scale project.  International and engineering and collaboration and global

  • Cultural (cross-national or cross-cultural or intercultural or multicultural) and engineering and collaboration


Information in Books:

The Books page has details on using the 

Library Catalog

to search for electronic books in the University Libraries collection.  Search results --- it is fine to start with a keyword search --- may be limited to by "location" to -electronic resources.

Recommended Search Terms:

Search terms are harder here.  One likely search is a keyword search on:  Cross Cultural Engineering.

One interesting book is:

Remember Google Books as a big help in searching book content:

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