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The SRs and Revolutionary Russia

Key Publications

Revolyutsionnaya Mysl'

This was the journal of the left wing of the SRs, promoting a return to the use of terrorism, including regicide, to achieve revolutionary goals. According to scholar Teodor Shanin in his Russia, 1905-07: Revolution as a Moment of Truth​, the paper "provided continuity between the SR Maximalists, who left the party in 1906 and were destroyed by police action, and the left-wing SRs who would ally with the Bolsheviks in 1917."

Revolutsionnaya Rossiya

This title was an illegal publication of the League of Socialist Revolutionaries, originally published in Russia beginning in 1901. It was later published in Geneva from January 1902 to December 1905 by the Socialist Revolutionary Party, after which it ceased publication.


This was the journal of the right wing of the SRs, which advocated for legal--rather than terroristic or insurrectionary--political action.

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