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Black Voices & Antiracism Resources

A Collection of Anti-Racism Resources and Black Perspectives

Articles, Essays and Speeches



James Baldwin vs William F Buckley: A legendary debate from 1965

Via Aeon (no sign in required, ad free)

James Baldwin: Speech on Civil Rights, 1968 

(James Baldwin giving a speech on civil rights to a group of students in London)

Via YouTube

Via UT Libraries Subscription (includes transcript)

Interview with Fannie Lou Hamer (1968)

Via YouTube

Toni Morrison’s Nobel Prize Speech (1993)

Audio via YouTube

Link to Text

Sylvia Rivera’s “Y’all Better Quiet Down” speech, 1973 Gay Pride Rally NYC

Via YouTube

An Interview with the Founders of Black Lives Matter (2016)

Via TEDWomen (transcript included)


Audio Only


"The Black Revolution and the White Backlash" by Lorraine Hansberry (June 1964)

Forum at Town Hall sponsored by The Association of Artists for Freedom

Link to Text, Scroll Down for Audio


The Ballot or the Bullet by Malcolm X (April 1964)

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"Revolution Playlist" by Rachel Cargle

Spotify playlist featuring speeches of Black revolutionaries such as Angela Davis, Malcolm X, Assata Shakur, MLK, mixed in with songs by artists like Nina Simone, A Tribe Called Quest, 2Pac, Marvin Gaye and Solange.

Link to Spotify Playlist


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