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Black Voices & Antiracism Resources

A Collection of Anti-Racism Resources and Black Perspectives

Antiracism and Critical Pedagogy in Higher Education


The resources here engage with theory and praxis of antiracist pedagogy and adjacent theories like critical race theory, engaged pedagogy and critical information literacy. The goal is to help instructors, students and facilitators transform their understanding of systemic oppression in higher education, knowledge production and information access. 

“Antiracist Pedagogy also addresses the historical constructs that facilitate inequalities and seeks to create an antiracist paradigm that in time will serve to historically condition a new antiracist society. Antiracist Pedagogy includes explicit instruction on confronting racism without reservation or risk of ostracism, both of which are necessary in a society that mandates the purpose of public education as the production of democratic citizenry.”

- Blakeney, Alda M. “Antiracist Pedagogy: Definition, Theory, and Professional Development.” Journal of Curriculum and Pedagogy, vol. 2, no. 1, Taylor & Francis Group, 2005, pp. 119–32, doi:10.1080/15505170.2005.10411532.

This section is a work in progress. Updates will focus on defining terms, providing examples of antiracist pedagogy in practice and identifying campus communities and resources for engaging in this work. 

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