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Black Voices & Antiracism Resources

A Collection of Anti-Racism Resources and Black Perspectives

Articles and Videos


Educator Jane Elliott asks a room full of White people a very simple question. Via YouTube (58 seconds)

Aamer Rahman (co-creator of Fear of a Brown Planet), explains the myth of reverse racism.


11 Things White People Should Stop Saying to Black People Immediately 

Mic | Derrick Clifton | Aug. 14, 2014


White allies: Here's a basic list of do's and don'ts to help you with your helplessness

Salon | Melanie McFarland | Jun. 2, 2020


Dear fellow white people: Here’s what to do when you’re called racist.

Washington Post | Rebecca Hains | Aug. 23, 2019

Alternative Access: Paywall Free Access Through NexisUni


The Role of White Co-Conspirators In Dismantling Systemic Racism

Embracing Equity | Andrew Greenia | Nov. 2, 2018


Guide to Allyship: An open source starter guide to help you become a more thoughtful and effective ally

A project created by amélie lamont and by amé


Welcome to the Anti-Racism Movement- Here's What You've Missed

The Establishment | Ijeoma Oluo | Apr. 15, 2019


Machine Bias: There’s software used across the country to predict future criminals. And it’s biased against blacks.

ProPublica | J. Angwin, J. Larson, S. Mattu and L. Kirchner | May 23, 2016


Tips for Creating Effective White Caucus Groups

Craig Elliot, 2016


Understanding White Privilege

Francis E. Kendall, 2002


White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack

Peggy McIntosh, 1988



For non-Black People of Color


"A matter of death and death": Confronting anti-black racism among Latinos

Salon | Aura Bogado | May 20, 2014


On Deconstructing & Unlearning Anti-Blackness in the Latinx Community

Remezcla | Jennifer Mota | February 2020


10 Ways I Have Perpetuated Anti-Blackness as a Non-Black POC (and How I Intend to Do Better)

Medium | Krishna Pattisapu | Jun. 2, 2020


South Asians and Black Lives

Medium | Deepa Iyer | May 30, 2020


Non-Black People of Color Need to Start Having Conversations About the Anti-Blackness in Our Communities | Sharon Park


Non-Black Latin@/x Resources on Anti-Blackness

Andrew Garcia Chavez


Recursos sobre el racismo Latinoamericano en español

Dash Harris para Radio Caña Negra


Recursos antirracistas en español

Dra. Gabriela Kovats Sánchez


Resources for non-Black Asians on Anti-Blackness


Addressing Anti-blackness Within the Vietnamese/Chinese & Asian Community

Austin Focused Articles

Austin police still stop Black, Hispanic drivers more often, city report finds

Austin American Statesmen | Kelsey Bradshaw, Katie Hall | Jan. 30, 2020


Inheriting Inequality: Three-part series on the history of racial segregation, disenfranchisement, and economic inequity in Austin

Austin American Statesmen | Contributors: Dan Zehr, Barry Harrell, Eric Webb, Roberto Villalpando, Christian McDonald | 2015


A Secret 1950s Strategy to Keep Out Black Students

Long-hidden documents reveal the University of Texas's blueprint for slowing integration during the civil-rights era

The Atlantic | Asher Price | Sept. 19, 2019

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