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Systematic Reviews & Evidence Synthesis Methods

Register a Protocol

Register a Protocol

Once your evidence synthesis team has created a protocol, it's a recommended practice to register or deposit that protocol. There are a few reasons why protocol registration is a good idea, several are listed below.

  • Others can discover that your team is working on this review. 
    • Claims the review topic.
    • Provides contact information to potential collaborators.
  • A uniform resource identifer (such as a DOI) will be assigned making it easy to cite and link to a protocol.
  • Some publication venues require the a priori publication of a protocol.
  • Establish a location to publish supporting materials for the review.

Publishing a protocol does not mean you are tied to the individual methodological parameters in your protocol. Some teams publish more than one version of a protocol as they make modifications.

Register Your Protocol

Registering your protocol claims your review topic and makes public your plans. Sometimes the registration site is obvious but here are some of the options:

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