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Systematic Reviews & Evidence Synthesis Methods

Librarian Support

Systematic Review Support

UT librarians offer systematic review consultation services for individuals and research groups. We can help with...

  • Translating a research question into an effective search strategy
  • Locating existing systematic reviews and protocols to give you background information for your work
  • Maximizing the balance between search precision and retrieval 
  • Selecting databases for systematic searching
  • Advising on grey literature search strategies
  • Strategies and tools for saving, managing and exporting search results and citations

Levels of librarian support and how to credit

Much of the work a librarian does to assist researchers falls under their everyday job responsibilities. However, systematic reviews, scoping reviews, and meta-analyses, often require greater librarian involvement and include the librarian as a partner in the research project. When these levels of assistance lead to a published paper, it is appropriate to credit the librarian. 

Note: If you would like to have a librarian's involvement as a partner in the project, you should find out in advance about the librarian's willingness/availability to participate at that level of commitment.

We've compiled some basic guidelines on what to expect as usual support and at the level of including the librarian as a co-researcher.  Also, the guidelines show how to credit the librarian at these different levels of involvement.

  • Uncredited = regular librarian work
    • Overview of review process and best practices
    • Identifying keywords and databases
    • Recommending tools
    • Single consultation
  • Acknowledgement or Contributor note = regular librarian work + significant support
    • Troubleshooting search strategy
    • Data management consultation
    • More than one consultation
  • Authorship = one or more of the following
    • Using search strategy or filter developed by librarian
    • Help registering a protocol
    • Citation retrieval and management
    • Hand searching for articles
    • Assisting with paper's methods section
    • Section edits


Lynn Bostwick: Nursing, Nutrition, Pharmacy, Public Health

Meryl Brodsky: Communication and Information Studies

Hannah Chapman Tripp: Biology, Neuroscience

Carolyn Cunningham: Human Development & Family Sciences, Psychology, Sociology

Larayne Dallas: Engineering

Grant Hardaway: Educational Psychology, Kinesiology & Health Education, Social Work

Janelle Hedstrom: Special Education, Curriculum & Instruction, Ed Leadership & Policy, Marine Science

Susan Macicak: Linguistics

Imelda Vetter: Dell Medical School

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