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Systematic Reviews & Evidence Synthesis Methods


Writing the report

Writing a clear and detailed review report and sharing it in the appropriate place ensures that your research has the greatest impact, reaching those who can best put it to use.

Your paper should include a detailed explanation of your methods and a summary and analysis of your findings. Ideally, readers should be able to follow and potentially replicate every step. As you prepare your manuscript, refer back to the framework and guidelines chosen at the beginning of your work. Keep in mind the conventions of any commissioning body or target journal, as they may have specific requirements for reviews.

Remember, the key is transparency and reproducibility.

For a few tips around structuring the Discussion section of your review, please see this brief article:

Docherty M, Smith R. The case for structuring the discussion of scientific papers. BMJ. 1999 May 8;318(7193):1224-5. doi: 10.1136/bmj.318.7193.1224. PMID: 10231230; PMCID: PMC1115625.


When you are ready to find the right place to publish your review, librarians can help. A librarian can help you identify high impact journals and help you consider the differences between open access and traditional publishing.

Do your research on the journal(s) you intend to submit to. Make sure you understand their audience, their scope and tone, and any standards or expectations they may have around systematic reviews.

Additional Publications

Think through how to maximize your publications with your work

  1. Published Systematic Review
  2. Published data & protocol
  3. Policy brief or white papers for an organization or popular or news rather than scholarly publication

In your publications and announcements, be sure to give links to other, related publications so that readers may easily find all of your work.

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