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Floristic & Plant Resources at the Library

Finding Journals & Periodicals

Locating botany-related journals & bulletins at UTL

The listed journals on this page represent a small subset of all of the journals and periodical resources UT Austin Libraries has collected over the years. A useful technique to find more plant-focused periodical resources is to search the catalog using the subjects; botany and periodicals. Please steps, links, and supporting visuals below. 

1.) Starting at the UT Library homepage, click the magnifying glass icon at the right-hand side of the search bar. Do this action with no text in the search box to navigate to more complete search resources. 

Advanced Search Access Image

2.) At the right-hand side of the resulting page, there is an option for Advanced Search. Click this option. 

Advanced Search Icon Visual Example

3.) Once the advanced search opens, place the terms botany (on the first line) and periodicals (on the second line). Change the search fields from Any field to subject and contains to is (exact). Be sure these syntax changes are applied to both search lines. Execute the search by clicking the magnifying glass icon/search button in the bottom right corner of the search criteria box. 

Search Criteria Box Visual Example

The search results listed should be well over 2,000 journal and periodical resources. You can add search criteria to this strategy to limit to geographies or other facets of interest. 


Select Journal & Periodical Titles

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