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What's the Difference?


  • Index of abstracts and citations compiled by APA, currently indexes 2,290 journals (see coverage list for titles)
  • Updated twice weekly
  • Here at UT we access PsycINFO on the EBSCO or Ovid platforms
  • PsycINFO itself does not contain much full-text, most of the full-text comes through our other subscriptions (the “Find It @ UT” button will connect you to full-text or request options when no PDF appears)


  • Full-text database of 117 journals (see coverage list)
    • All APA published journals
    • Educational Publishing Foundation
    • Canadian Psychological Association journals
    • Hogrefe Publishing Group - English-language titles
    • National Institute of Mental Health

  • All PsycARTICLES journals are included in PsycINFO
  • Updated twice weekly
  • Here at UT we access PsycARTICLES on the EBSCO platform
  • Contains all journal articles, letters to the editor, and errata from each journal


  • Collection of items associated with psychological measures, scales, surveys, and other instruments; approximately 50% of test records contain the actual test or test items
  • Updated monthly
  • Instrumentation tools developed for research but not made commercially available


  • No longer being updated as of 2017
  • Does not contain research articles
  • Contains 43,056 full-text reviews of books in psychology and the social sciences, as well as professional videos and popular films from a psychological perspective. Reviews occasionally include comparative or retrospective book reviews.

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