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FAL Special Collections

FAL Special Collections Usage Policy

About the special collections:

The Fine Arts Library (FAL) special collections primarily include material related to music, visual arts, theatre and dance. The recent refurbishment of the FAL 5th floor required us to temporarily move our special collections to the Collection Deposit Library (CDL). We are currently in the process of reviewing the special collections to make decisions about long-term storage locations. The special collections continue to be available for classroom instruction and individual research consultations.


How to access special collections material:

Where can I review a special collections item?

All consultations of special collections material are held at the Collections Deposit Library.

How do I set up a time to review special collections material?

Please email the Fine Arts Librarian, Becca Pad, if you are interested in scheduling an appointment to consult special collections material. You will need to list the materials required for consultation at the time of scheduling an appointment.

Becca will put you in contact with the Fine Arts Library GRA to schedule a time for an appointment. The FAL GRA will pull collection material and get you set up to review collections in the space. Appointments typically run for one hour but there is flexibility based on specific needs.


Other things to note:

If in-depth or ongoing consultation is needed the Fine Arts Librarian will schedule a consultation to discuss your research plan.

Classroom requests requiring special collections can be discussed with the Fine Arts Librarian to decide what is feasible.

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