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Finding Books

Library Catalog

The Library Catalog holds all books, EBooks, recordings, and scores owned by UT Libraries. The Library Catalog can serve as a great starting place to narrow down a research topic, as well as develop key sources for a bibliography. Listed below are some important features to know about the Library Catalog.

Tips for Searching the Library Catalog

Keyword Search

Keyword searches are the simplest way to begin research on a topic. Knowing your search terms is vital to any keyword search. To do this, analyze your topic and break it down into search terms in order to facilitate successful research. Common terms in music include: instrument/ensemble-specific terms, composer-specific terms, and region-specific terms. Here is an example search for reference.

Research Topic: "Chopin's Nocturnes"

- Search Terms: Chopin, piano + solo, Paris, Nocturne


Advanced Search

Advanced Search lets you search across the Library Catalog with more filters than a Keyword Search. Through an Advanced Search, you can limits things such as: Material Type, Language, Date Published, and Publisher. An Advanced Search can help eliminate irrelevant search results more quickly than a Keyword Search. Both the Keyword Search and the Advanced Search use Boolean terms such as "AND", "OR" and "NOT" to help limit broad searches of the Catalog.


Title Search

The Title Search is most useful if you are searching for a specific resource. For example, to find the Norton Anthology of Music, simply type the name into Title Search and all editions of that resource will appear. It is important to note that using quotations marks in a Title Search will interfere with the search and its results (i.e. Norton Anthology of Music instead of "Norton Anthology of Music"). 


Subject Search

Subject Searches use the Library of Congress Subject headings as their search parameters. If you want to search for all resources with the same assigned subject heading, type the Library of Congress subject into the Subject Search bar and click enter. This search method is best for those trying to narrow down a topic in a broader subject. 

Library of Congress Guides

LC Guide to Music Call Numbers

Detailed guide showing a breakdown of call numbers:
M = scores and other printed music
ML = books about music
MT = music instruction and study

Instrument and Voice Guides with call number ranges (IU)

Helpful Guides

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