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Finding Books

Find Books in the Library Catalog

Using the Library Catalog

Keyword Search

Keyword searches are the simplest way to begin research on a topic. To come up with keywords, analyze your topic and break it down into separate concepts. Common terms in music include: instrument/ensemble-specific terms, composer-specific terms, and region-specific terms. 

Research Topic: Chopin's Nocturnes
Keywords: Chopin, piano + solo, Paris, Nocturn

Advanced Search

Use Advanced Search or the filters on the left-hand side to search or refine results by Resource Type, Language, and Date to help narrow and eliminate irrelevant search results.

Title Search

The Title Search is most useful if you are searching for a specific resource. Using quotation marks can interfere with the search results (i.e. search Norton Anthology of Music instead of "Norton Anthology of Music"). 

Subject Search

Subject Searches use the Library of Congress Subject headings as their search parameters, so you can search for all resources with the same assigned heading, Subjects are hyperlinked within catalog records, so if you find a useful resource, you can click on one of the subjects to find other materials under that heading. 

Print Books vs E-Books

When you Refine results by Resource Type and choose Book*, the system doesn't distinguish between hardcopy books and e-books.  To limit to e-books, add the facet Available Online.  (See image.) To limit to print books, add the facet Physical Copy. In cases where we have both a physical copy and an e-book version, they will often share the same bibliographic record and be shown together in the full record display.

snap of facets to limit to ebooks

Library Catalog - FAQ

How long can I check out a book?

  • As a UT student you can check out a book for the entire semester.

Pick it Up button 

  • Recalls an item that is checked out by someone else (don't feel bad about requesting the things you need!).
  • Recalls an item from storage (we have more books than we can store onsite -- don't limit yourself to what you see in the stacks).
  • Allows you to pick up a book at the Library location most convenient to you.

Renew Online

  • Use the My Account tab at the top right of the library home page or catalog to renew materials.

Don't see what you need?

  • Use interlibrary loan to request a copy of the print book from another library for free. 

Browsing the Music Collection

Physical books and scores at UT Libraries are arranged by Library of Congress call numbers. 

M = scores and other printed music
ML = books about music
MT = music instruction and study

For a detailed breakdown of music call numbers see:

Browsing in the stacks can be an effective and engaging research strategy. If you cannot visit the Fine Arts Library in person, check the bottom of our catalog records for a virtual browsing shelf, showing thumbnails of nearby titles.

Getting Books Not Available at UT

If we do not already have it, we will do our best to get it for you.

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