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Russian Literature

An overview of online and print resources related to Russian literature from UT and beyond.

Biographical Print Sources

Arts and Humanities

  • Russkie khudozhniki : entsiklopedicheskii slovar' / (avtory biograficheskikh ocherkov, T.B. Vilinbakhova ... et al. ; avtory slovaria terminov i spiska khudozhestvennykh ob"edinenii i tvorcheskikh soiuzov, IU.B. Demidenko, O.N. Nechipurenko, E.F. Petinova ; slovnik, E.D. Kuznetsova ; glavnyi redaktor, V.B. Nazarov ; otvetstvennyi redaktor, O.N. Nechipurenko). Sankt-Peterburg : "Azbuka", 1998. N 6998 R87 1998 Fine Arts Lib Reference

History and Politics

  • Who was who in the USSR; a biographic directory containing 5,015 biographies of prominent Soviet historical personalities. Compiled by the Institute for the Study of the USSR, Munich, Germany. Edited by Heinrich E. Schulz, Paul K. Urban (and) Andrew I. Lebed. Metuchen, N.J., Scarecrow Press, 1972. CT 1212 I57 PCL Reference Dept USE IN LIBRARY ONLY
  • Leningradskii martirolog : 1937-1938 / (redaktsionnaia kollegiia, D.I. Bogomolov ... A. IA. Razumov (otvetstvenny redaktor) ... et al.). Sankt-Peterburg : Rossiiskaia natsional'naia biblioteka, 1995- DK 543 L42 1995 T.1 PCL Stacks (List of people who perished in the Leningrad (St. Petersburg) region during the Stalinist "terror", with brief biographies.)

Sankt-Peterburg : IPK "Vesti", 1993- CS 847 D85 1993 T.1-3 PCL Stacks

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