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About the Collection

The Textbook Collection primarily consists of Texas state-adopted textbooks and a large, historic collection founded in 1938 by Joseph Lindsey Henderson.  The Historic Textbook Collection includes many rare textbooks dating from the 1750s through the 1800s​. 

Finding Textbooks


Current and some historical textbooks can be found on the 6th floor of PCL in Section S and thousands more are housed in our off-campus storage facility. Withing 6S, textbooks are generally shelved by subject. Here's a quick guide to which call number range holds the most common subjects:

  • D: World History 
  • E: American History
  • G: Geography
  • P: Language Arts and Literature
  • Q: Math and Science


  1. Start at the Library Catalog
  2. Enter your search terms in the search box at the top
  3. Choose "K-12 Textbooks & Curriculum" from the Location bar
  4. Set date limits if you're looking for books from specific time periods
  5. If the book you're searching for has a very generic name, it may also help to add author or publisher keywords

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