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Texas Textbook Adoption

Textbook Adoption Lists

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) approves textbooks to be used in elementary and secondary education classes. Textbooks are usually adopted for 5 to 8 years and then replaced by a new adoption list for that subject.

Digitized textbook adoption lists for the state of Texas have been archived in Texas ScholarWorks, starting with 1929.  Many of these older lists also include textbook-related policies and legistation.

The most recent textbook adoption list and related policies can also be found on TEA's Instructional Materials site.

About Textbook Adoption

A Brief Overview of the Adoption Process (from the Texas Education Agency)

Adoption Cycles and Proclamations (from the Texas Education Agency)

The Scoop (Textbook Adoption updates from the Region 13 Educational Service Unit)

News coverage of Texas textbook adoption (from Google News)


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