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UGS 303: Jerusalem / Edgar

Choosing and developing a topic

Databases for broad overviews of your topic

Use these databases to learn more about a broad topic. Pick up terminology and important details that will help you narrow your research question and perform targeted searches in the scholarship.

From your assignment - list of topics

Note that the following list is not a complete list of potential topics but only a suggestive list of sample topics. Feel free to come up with another topic that interests you and/or discuss topic selection with the professor or your teaching assistant.

  1. Reconstructing the Jewish Quarter after 1967
  2. Jerusalem after 1967
  3. The Size and Status of Jerusalem during the 10thCentury B.C.E.
  4. The British Mandate and Jerusalem
  5. Jerusalem during World War I
  6. The First Intifada and Jerusalem
  7. The Development of Jerusalem in the 19thCentury
  8. Yad Vashem
  9. Demography and Contemporary Jerusalem
  10. Jerusalem during the 1948 War
  11. City Planning in Jerusalem After the 1967 War
  12. The Size and Status of Jerusalem during the Persian Period
  13. The Expansion of Jerusalem in Hezekiah’s Reign
  14. Jerusalem and the Crusades
  15. Jerusalem and Early Islam
  16. Jerusalem and Ancient Egypt
  17. The Modern Development of the “Western Wall”
  18. East Jerusalem in the 20thCentury
  19. Byzantine Jerusalem
  20. Herod and Jerusalem
  21. Canaanite Jerusalem

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