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UGS 303: Jerusalem / Kaplan

Why can't I access this article?

Don't give up!

Sometimes you find an article, but can't find the link to open the pdf or html to read the full text. Do you see this button?

find it at UT

Click it! It will talk to our other databases to find the article full text.

Sometimes you're asked to pay for an article. Of course, do not do that. You already pay for subscriptions here at UT (thanks!). Sometimes you're asked to sign into a subscription and your EID/password doesn't work. 

If you're being asked to pay for an article or sign into a subscription, two things could be happening:

  • You are doing your searches on the Web and not on our databases. Our databases exist on the deep Web and cannot be searched via standard search engines. 
  • The article is not covered in our subscriptions. Gather all the info about the article you can and fill out the form for Interlibrary Loan, which could take as little as a couple days for an article to be emailed to you.

Ask me about accessing articles.

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