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ELP 384R School, Family, Community Engagement

Google Map Basics

Building Your Base Map

  1. Start at Google "My Maps"
  2. Choose "Create a new map"
  3. Click "Untitled Map" and rename your map
  4. Click "Add Layer" 4 times or until you have 5 layers displayed.
  5. Name them in this order: 1) Schools 2) Places of Worship 3) Health & Social Services 4) Public Services & Organizations 5) Businesses
  6. Zoom into the area you will be mapping
  7. Click on the three vertical dots and select "Set default view"
  8. Optional: Use the "draw a line" feature (under the keyword search bar) to outline the approximate are of the census tracts you'll be working with


Adding Places of Interest to Your Map

  1. Click on the layer you will be adding to.  For example, if you're adding a school, make sure that layer is highlighted with a blue bar along the left.
  2. Search for the place you want to add, by name or address.
  3. When the place pops up, click on the pin and choose the "add to map" link.  It should be saved to the highlighted layer of your map.
  4. By clicking on the places saved on your map, you'll see an option to edit the name of that location, add descriptions of your choice, remove Google descriptions and add images.
  5. By click on the paint bucket next to each of the places listed along the left, you'll see an option to customize pins and colors for each layer.

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