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ELP 384R School, Family, Community Engagement

Community Demographics & Data

Finding Census Tracts

Austin Census Tract Map - Simply zoom in and note the tract number that your school sits in.

Dallas-Fort Worth Census Tract Map - Simply zoom in and note the tract number that your school sits in.

Address Search Tool - Search by the address of your school and note which census tract it belong in. You may also want to note neighboring tracts if you school's zoning area covers multiple tracts.

Census Tract Reference Maps - Choose state at the bottom of the screen and then browse for files by county name.

Demographic & Census Data

Social Explorer - An easy way to find U.S. census data by geographic area, create tables and export to Excel.  Tips...

  1. Open the database (using the above link) in another browser tab
  2. Choose "Tables" in the top menu
  3. Choose a survey and time period (example... US Decennial Census > Census 2000) and click "Begin Report"
  4. Choose your geographies. Tip consider choosing both your specific location, and some broader locations for comparison. (example... 1) Choose Geographic Type > 040 State > Texas > "Add".  2) Repeat with 050 County> Texas > your county > "Add". 3) Repeat with 140 Census Tract > Texas > your county > your census tracts > "Add"
  5. Click "Proceed to Tables"
  6. Select data points of interest to you and click the "Add" button
  7. Click "Show results"
  8. From here you can export the data to Excel.

Opportunity Atlas

American Fact Finder - Web portal to U.S. Census data.

Other Local Data Sources

Austin Open Data Portal - Various maps, data sets and charts about Austin - content varies widely!  Examples... Map of dangerous dog locations, charts/maps about afforadable housing, Austin Police Department data.



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