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Faculty Workshop: Writing in the Disciplines

Teaching Research

Faculty Resources

  • Librarians:  librarians provide instruction, tailored research guides, assignment design consultation, and information literacy assessment support. Request support here.
  • Information Literacy Toolkit:  find assignments and examples of how faculty have incorporate information literacy into their classe
  • Assignment Design Rubric for Research Assignments: test your research assignment against this rubric to help you develop an effective prompt.
  • Avoiding Plagiarism tutorial: teaches students what plagiarism is and isn't and how to avoid it; they can take it on their own or you can assign it.

Where Students Struggle

  • Research Question Development:  students need content knowledge to develop a question and help moving from a broad topic to a question
  • Research Process: students need to know how to find and evaluate information, what a scholarly source is and how to read it, and what constitutes evidence and how to use it to construct an argument (claims, evidence, assumptions)
  • Citing Sources and Avoiding Plagiarism:  students need to kow what plagiarism is and isn't, how to avoid it and how to cite sources.


Connect Students to the Libraries

Share information about these services and/or embed these links in your course page.

  • Canvas has a Research Help link by default that leads to guides for your discipline and, if you requested one from a librarian, the tailored research guide for your course.
  • Hop on chat or email your librarian a research question with the student present - this demonstrates good help seeking behaviors.

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