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UGS 303: Road Movies and Quixotic Journeys / Reed

Advanced searching for this assignment

How to search

Your assignment asks you to consult sources to support the arguments you make in your paper. Below are three searches that demonstrate multiple angles you can take in finding and using sources as evidence. I would try all three!

In this approach, you are looking for articles that connect a theme and a film.

Remember that not all themes pop up in all films. Consider browsing results for articles that are just about your film and exploring the themes that scholars are already talking about.

it happened one night and capra and female or women. adding a director can be necessary if a film title is not unique.

In this approach, you are searching for articles about your theme unattached to the film. This is helpful if you want a scholarly perspective on a theme that you can then apply to your film on your own.

women or female or feminis* and sexual*and empowerment or agency and film or media. asterisks replace multiple endings of words

In this approach, you are seeking articles that connect a theme to Don Quixote.

don quixote and femini* or women or gender or female

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