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Find Funding Opportunities

This guide is intended to help University of Texas at Austin faculty, staff, and students find funding opportunities.

Foundations and the Texas Grants Resource Center

Finding Foundation Funding

We expect foundations to offer money but not necessarily to advertise its availability.  Those who seek foundation funding look for the right match; that is, foundations with matching interests and sufficient funds. 

1. The Foundation Directory is the best-known supplier of information concerning foundations and the money they give.  Staff collect information about foundations (including those without websites) and their grants, and create a searchable database of the information. 

  • The database is available in an Essential (basic) version and in a
  • Professional version showing all the "essential" information plus past grants --- with past grants providing valuable information about what is supported by the foundation.
  • For a comparison of the basic and premium versions, along with pricing, see the information page.


  • Candid is the relatively new organization combining the Foundation Center (the long-time sponsor of the Foundation Directory) and Guidestar.  On the Candid page, see "Candid at a Glance" (at the top right) for a list of available databases and products.
  • Guidestar claims to be "the world's largest source of information on nonprofit organizations," including foundations.  There's a free search option and paid options for better access.


2. NOZA provides "the world’s largest searchable database of charitable donations," including foundation grants.  Some information is offered for free, though payment is required for advanced options.

Texas Grants Resource Center

The Texas Grants Resource Center, part of the University of Texas at Austin, is a valuable resource for accessing funding information:

  • Staff offer regular orientation sessions; guides, and individual and group appointments.
  • It is a location for premium access to the Foundation Directory database of foundation information, the Foundation Directory Online - Professional.
  • Information on the physical location is given here: Visit Us

Foundation Directory Online - Professional

The "professional" version (that is, the version offering more information and more options) of Foundation Directory Online is available through the Texas Grants Resource Center and to card-holders with Austin Public Library.

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