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Find Funding Opportunities

This guide is intended to help University of Texas at Austin faculty, staff, and students find funding opportunities.

Especially for Graduate Students

Information for Graduate Students

If you are a graduate students frustrated by seeing funding opportunities clearly aimed at a different category of recipient, please remember:

  • "Filtering" in Pivot can be used to help focus your search.
    • For example, under Applicant Type, select Individuals: Graduate Student
  • Professional associations often offer scholarships, travel funds, and other opportunities for students.  These opportunities are usually advertised but you can also seek them out by contacting staff members at the association and by searching a group's webpages.
  • Foundations.  A foundation with matching interests may support your work; remember that foundation funding is usually not advertised.
  • GRAPES (from the University of California at Los Angeles) is especially aimed at graduate students and post-docs as a place to search for scholarships, grants, and fellowships

UT-Austin Funding for Graduate Students

Options for graduate students at UT include:

Of special interest on this page:


Your college or department may have recommendations.  For example:

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