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Browsing the Stacks

Browsing for Inspiration

Browsing is an important practice that many artists engage in to find new books or resources. UT Libraries uses the Library of Congress call number system to organize our books. See below for a list of the call number areas for art and art history. 

In addition to researching other artists, you may want to look at resources in other disciplines to inform your art practice. Here is a list of the different libraries on UT's campus. Considering browsing the collections at a different library to find inspiration. PCL is the main library on UT's campus; you can find books there on all subject areas including art.

Find Books in the Fine Arts Library

Art-General (N)

Architecture (NA)

Sculpture (NB)

Drawing (NC)

Commercial Art (NC 997)

Painting (ND)

Prints, Graphic Arts (NE)     

Decorative Arts (NK)

Design History (NK 1100 - NK 1400)

Furniture (NK 1900 - NK 2750)

Art Theory (NX)

Printing (Z 116 - Z 265)

Photography (TR)

Industrial Design (TS)

Typography/Typesetting (Z 250 - Z251)




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