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Plan II Thesis

Finding Books

Looking for a book?

Search for a Book

Choose "Books & Media" from the choices under the search box on the UT libraries' homepage to search the library catalog.

Then, search for the title or keywords related to your topic in the catalog search box.

Understanding your Results 

After searching, you need to look for four details:

1. Is this book in print or is it electronic (an ebook that you can access online)?

2. If this is in print, which library has it? Click on the link to find out more information about the location.

3. Is the book AVAILABLE? If not, there will be a due date.

4. Are you ready to check out? Write down the call number and click the location link to see where you can find it on the shelf. 


Checking out Books

Once you've located your book, all you need is your UT ID to check it out!


I really want this book, but it is checked out. Is there anything I can do?

Yes! If you would like to get a hold of a book that has been checked out, you can request the book. The library will then change the due date so that the current borrower has to return it earlier. To request a book, go to the library catalog, click the pick it up button, log in with your UT EID, and then request the book. You can learn more about this feature here.


Pick it up?

Pick it up is a service that allows you to request your book to be retrieved from the shelf and be delivered to the UT library of your choice. It will take an estimated 3-5 days for your book to be retrieved. You can learn more about it here.


Need a more advanced search?

If you need more options to search, you can click on the Books & Media option on the Libraries home page and choose Advanced Search.

advanced search screen in library catalog



LIB USE ONLY means library use only. When a book has this label under its current status, you can only access and read the book at its library location. 


I checked out a book, and I am not ready to return it. What can I do?

You can renew it! You can renew your book at any library location or online, through Renew & My Account.  Renew & My Account can be found on the upper right-hand corner of the screen, next to Ask a Librarian.


I can't find the book that I need. What can I do?

If the UT Libraries doesn't have a book you need, you can request it through InterLibrary Loan. The service is free and unlimited. Click on the link below to create an account and request a loan.

Open Access and Books in Public Domain

Ways to Search in the Library Catalog

Keyword Searching

Use keywords to search for artists, art movements, materials, or your topic. 

Ed Ruscha 
Contemporary Art


Use the title of a book you are looking for in a catalog search. 
Example: A Short Guide to Writing about Art


Find a book by a specific author using their last name, first name. 
Example: Barnet, Sylvan

Subject Search

Use the subject search to find books related to your topic. 
American Art 

Search for Specific Resources 

Use the Advanced Keyword Search to limit by resource type, language, or date of publication. 

Format types include:

  • Books
  • Journals
  • Maps
  • Video/Film 
  • Scores
  • Archival Materials
  • Dissertations

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