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Ethics & Applications of Geospatial Technologies

Evaluate Sources


Inclination, leaning, prejudice, predisposition

Check out the chart below to see one blogger's take on how news sources rank in terms of political bias and factuality. This chart is itself an interpretation. What do you think of the arrangement? (Click to see full-size image and original post.)

 Trustworthy, reliable.

Credible sources are generally understood to be accurate and reliable sources of information, free from unfair bias.  See the evaluation criteria below for help with determining credibility.

Peer review is a process scholarly articles go through before they are published. Scholarly articles are sent to other experts in the field (peers) to ensure that they contain high-quality, original research important to the field. This is a measure of quality control other types of literature don't go through. 


If you can't tell whether or not a journal is peer-reviewed, check Ulrichsweb.

  1. access the database
  2. type in the title of the journal
  3. peer-reviewed journals will have a referee jersey ("refereed" is another term for "peer-reviewed") - example below

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