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Ethics & Applications of Geospatial Technologies


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It is now easier than ever to gain familiarity with GIS software and to learn to work with geospatial data thanks to the frequent on-campus GIS training workshops hosted by the UT Libraries and the growing multitude of free online resources. If you are interested in learning more about GIS and taking your geospatial research to the next level make sure to periodically check our list of upcoming events. We try our best to tailor the subject matter of upcoming events to the geospatial technologies and skills that are of greatest interest to broader campus community, but if you are looking for a very particular type of information or assistance with a specific issue you may schedule a personalized research consultation with the UT Libraries GIS and Geospatial Data Coordinator or try looking online for useful resources. This guide is also designed to make it easier for you quickly find helpful sources of GIS news, information, learning tools, and troubleshooting support by providing categorized lists of different types of GIS web resources. Each resource listing contains not only a link to the resource website but also a description of the resource which can help you determine if it is worth your time exploring.

Try searching "geospatial" or "gis" in these sites to find related news articles.

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