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Search Tips

Search Tips

Are you getting too many results?

Use the word AND (in all-caps) between your search terms.

  • children AND storytelling
  • family AND poverty

Search for a Specific Phrase

Put quotations around a group of words like "video games" to retrieve results with that exact wording.


Do you need more results?

Use the word OR (in all-caps) between your search terms. 

  • 19th century OR nineteenth century
  • realise OR realize

Use an * at the end of a word to search for all forms of that word. 

  • educat* will return results for education, educator, educated, educating;etc.
  • environment* will also return results for environmentalism and environmentalist

An * can also be used to replace a character in a word.

  • wom*n will search for women and woman


Do you need more relevant results?

Use the word NOT (in all-caps) between your search terms.

  • UT NOT Tennessee
  • advertisement NOT magazine

Try grouping the above strategies in a single search: 

  • (children OR adolescents) AND violence AND (television NOT video games)
  • children AND "video games"

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