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Where to Search

Searching on the Library Website

Start searching with the big search box on the library homepage.

It searches most but not all the library's resources and will show results across six different categories: Articles & More, Books & Media, Journals, Databases, Research Guides, and the Library Website.

A more targeted place to search is at the link for Articles & More beneath the search bar.

We also encourage you to explore the other databases and journals we offer since Articles & More doesn't show results from all sources.

Choosing a Database

In addition to the general search options above, search in library databases to find more articles related to your topic. 

Some databases like Academic Search Complete are multidisciplinary:

  • Include popular and scholarly articles on all topics
  • Useful if scholars from multiple disciplines would write about your topic or if you don't know where to start
  • Great for assignments in UGS and other undergraduate courses where you may only need a few sources

For subject-specific databases, look on the Databases List (use the "All Subjects" dropdown menu) or on the guide for your class or subject on this Guides List.

  • Include scholarly and specialized articles from a specific discipline
  • To choose a database, think about what department on campus would have scholars researching your topic, then use the "All Subjects" dropdown menu on the databases page to find that department, or find the guide for that subject (ex. PsycINFO for Psychology topics).

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