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Exploring the Chemical Literature

Tutorial for students in advanced Analytical Chemistry courses for majors, but useful to anyone interested in using the literature of chemistry.

Searching SciFinder and AA

SciFinder ("classic" interface)

If you'd prefer to do your searching in SciFinder (remember, you need to sign up for an account first), it works a little differently. Phrase your research topic question as a natural language query using connecting words and the Registry Number for BPA:

determination of 80-05-7 in water with chromatography

scifinder search form


scifinder histogram


You can select the results set that will give you the best relevance (terms closely associated with one another) and the most manageable number of hits. Then click Get References.

The Refine menu to the left allows you to limit results by language, document type, publication years, etc. SciFinder covers publications and patents in many languages, so limiting to English-language journal articles is probably a good idea.

Link to full text of an article using the "Other Sources" button.

scifinder results

Analytical Abstracts

AA is an alerting service from the Royal Society of Chemistry. It's a little quirky and only covers a few dozen core journals, but it's handy for analyte/matrix searches when you're not concerned with comprehensiveness.

Use the Advanced Search form. You can select Analyte and Matrix terms from programmed lists and combine them. For techniques, it's better to enter words in the free text box unless you are looking for a very specific technique from the Technique list.

Full records contain abstracts and a DOI link to full text. You can save a search as an alert.

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