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Covid Updates: UT Libraries

HathiTrust and Collections Access

HathiTrust and Emergency Temporary Access (ETAS)

While the PCL stacks and branch libraries are closed, we will have access to much of our print collection through HathiTrust Emergency Temporary Access (ETAS). If an items is available in HathiTrust, you will see a link to it in the Libraries catalog and you will not be able to check out the print copy. Please note that HathiTrust access is limited to UT faculty, staff and students.


What is HathiTrust and what is the HathiTrust Emergency Temporary Access (ETAS)?
HathiTrust is a large digital library bringing together materials from Google Books, the Internet Archive, libraries at HathiTrust partner institutions (including the UT Libraries), and other commercial digitization projects. Much of HathiTrust's full text content is unavailable due to copyright restrictions, but with physical library closures due to COVID-19, HathiTrust opened copyrighted content that duplicates the physical books owned by participating libraries. This means that you can access digital copies of approximately 40% of the UT Libraries' print books while UT Libraries' stacks are closed.

Who has access to titles available through the HathiTrust ETAS?
Current students, faculty and staff have this access, which will continue until stack reopen. UT Official Retirees and UT Extension Students are excluded from this access because of HathiTrust's strict definitions and added layer of authentication.

Why can't we keep HathiTrust ETAS when we reopen the stacks?
To continue this special digital viewing access, we have maintained strict licensing and viewing restrictions under the HathiTrust Emergency Temporary Access agreement. This includes no access to or loaning of physical items duplicated in HathiTrust, no InterLibrary loans of these duplicates, and no scanning of them from any library branch. If you requested a physical item that was duplicated in the HathiTrust, your request was turned down and a link to the ebook was provided.

Is anything still going to be available in HathiTrust after the stacks reopen?
Yes. Out of copyright/public domain books (as defined by HathiTrust) are available digitally in HathiTrust. You can access them through links in the catalog or through the HathiTrust database.

Questions about using HathiTrust?
Please contact Shiela Winchester.


Using HathiTrust

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