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Perry-CastaƱeda Library Map Collection

The Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection (PCLMC), comprising more than 350,000 items representing all areas of the world, provides comprehensive cartographic resources to serve constituents both within and beyond the university’s walls. 

The PCLMC consists of the physical collection and an online collection of scanned maps. The Perry-Castañeda Library (PCL) Map Room (PCL 1.306) houses the physical maps, the majority of which can be checked out. Since 1995, the PCLMC has digitized 70,000 maps from the print collection and has also forged partnerships with local and national archives to create a more comprehensive online map collection. The online PCL Map Collection is among the most visited of the university, averaging 10,000 hits a day, and highlights items with connections to current events or of particular historical relevance.


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Katherine Strickland
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