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Marine Science Schweppe Seminars

Schweppe Lecture Seminars, 2015

Monday, May 18, 3:30 pm

"The Arctic's Secret Garden: Algae Living in Arctic Sea Ice and Their Role in Coastal Arctic Marine Ecosystems

Andrew R. Juhl, Ph.D.
Associate Research Professor
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory and Department of Earth and Environmental Science
Columbia University, New York

Research interests: Aquatic Ecology, Harmful Algal Blooms, Water Quality, Arctic Sea-Ice Ecology

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Thursday, May 14, 3:30 pm

"Ocean Mixing by Swimming Animals"

John O. Dabiri, Ph.D.
Centennial Professor
Civil & Environmental Engineering and of Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University, California

Dabiri Lab
Research interests: Fluid Mechanics, Energy & Environment, Biology

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Thursday, March 12, 1:00 pm

"Estuaries as Sources or Sinks of Carbon: Climatic Drivers"

Iris Anderson, Ph.D.
Department of Biological Sciences, Virginia Institute of Marine Science, College of William and Mary

Research interests: Nitrogen, Carbon Cycling.


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