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Marine Science Schweppe Seminars

Schweppe Lecture Seminars, 2017

Monday, April 3, 3:30 pm

"Mixotrophy in the Marine Plankton"

Diane K. Stoecker, Ph.D.
Center of Environmental Science, Horn Point Laboratory, University of Maryland

Dr. Stoecker’s research focuses on plankton ecology, with an emphasis on trophic ecology, and is one of the leading scientists who studies mixotrophy in marine protists, a relatively unexplored aspect of the planktonic food chain. She has also conducted influential research on harmful algal blooms, zooplankton predator-prey interactions, the role of plankton in biogeochemistry, and cellular evolution in protists. With a background in a range of topics, and experience in estuarine and high-latitude environments, her work is of interest to many at UTMSI.

Research interests: Biological Oceanography & Plankton Ecology, Microzooplankton, Mixotrophy (Alternate Modes of Nutrition) in the Plankton

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