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Open Access at UT Austin

Learn more about Open Access and what is happening at UT Austin to improve access to research.

Current UT Supported OA Initiatives

Open Access Initiative Support

UT Austin supports a variety of open access memberships, initiatives, and infrastructure with the goal of creating a more sustainable publishing ecosystem. That support sometimes provides direct benefits to our authors like:

  • Discounts on article processing charges (APCs)
  • Fully paid APCs
  • Free OA publishing through a different mechanism

Below is an alphabetical list of the memberships, initiatives, and infrastructure that we currently financially support. To see a list of the options with direct author benefits, see the OA Support for UT Authors tab.

Feedback about OA Initiatives

Subscribe to Open

Subscribe to Open (S2O): An open access model that converts traditional subscription journals to open access one year at a time using existing library relationships and payments. Institutions subscribe in the traditional manner and when sufficient revenue is collected, the journal is published OA. If the revenue goals are not met, then that year's content stays subscription only.

If we already have a subscription in place for a specific journal or publisher and that journal or publisher switches to S2O publishing, we will participate. In instances where a publisher is switching their entire portfolio to S2O, we'll try to list them on our Current UT Supported OA Initiatives list. Please note that many publishers are rolling out S2O options and sometimes they are at the individual journal level. It's not feasible for us to list every single S2O journal that we support, so if you have a question about a specific journal, please ask Colleen Lyon, Head of Scholarly Communications,

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