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Michael Shensky

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Michael Shensky
As Head of Research Data Services (RDS) for the UT Libraries it is my goal to ensure that all students, faculty, and staff can find answers to their research data management questions. I engage with members of the university community by providing assistance with data management plans, offering personalized data consultations, leading data focused workshops, and by developing guides about best practices for managing research data with the resources that are available to UT Austin affiliates. If you have questions about data at any stage in the research process - from the early stages of developing your data management plan, to the intermediate stages of data collection, processing, storage, and management, to the later stages of data analysis, visualization, preservation, and sharing - please do not hesitate to contact me if you think that I can be of assistance.

My Guides

Data & Donuts
Last update: Mar 20, 2023 1099 views
Find Geospatial Data
Last update: Sep 15, 2022 1239 views
Last update: Oct 1, 2021 1036 views
Last update: Mar 23, 2023 9429 views
Last update: Jan 31, 2020 7 views
Last update: Aug 5, 2020 384 views
Last update: Mar 8, 2023 36 views
Last update: Jan 14, 2020 183 views
Install GIS Software
Last update: Jan 13, 2023 8248 views
Research Data Services
Last update: Apr 1, 2023 700 views

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