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Dale J. Correa

Middle Eastern Studies Librarian & History Coordinator
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Dale J. Correa
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Dale J. Correa, PhD, MS/LIS, is the Middle Eastern Studies Librarian and History Coordinator for the University of Texas Libraries, the University of Texas at Austin. She serves as the liaison to the Department of History, the Department and Center for Middle Eastern Studies, and the Islamic Studies Program.

Contact Dr. Correa for support with instruction/curriculum, archival research (domestic and international), digital scholarship projects, identifying funding opportunities, academic publishing, scholarly impact metrics, and strategies for making your scholarship more open and discoverable. Dr. Correa is available to assist researchers at UT Austin and beyond.

Awards and Service:
--Fellowship for Diversity, Inclusion & Cultural Heritage, Rare Book School/Mellon Foundation 2020-2023
--Middle East Librarians Association: Digital Scholarship Interest Group Steering Committee Chair, 2021-2022; Past President 2019-2021, President 2018-2019, Vice President 2017-2018
--Middle East Materials Project, Center for Research Libraries: executive board member, 2014-2018

--PhD, Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, New York University, 2014
--MS/LIS, Special Collections, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 2019
--Certificate, Center for Arabic Study Abroad (Cairo, Egypt), 2007
--AB, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies and Asian and Middle Eastern Languages and Literatures, Dartmouth College, 2006

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