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Scholars Lab

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Scholars Lab located and can anyone use it?

The Scholars Lab is located on the entry-level of the Perry-Castañeda Library, and yes, anyone can use the space. 

What is digital scholarship?

At UT Libraries, we define digital scholarship broadly to reflect the wide range of scholarly activities conducted at the university. We think about digital scholarship as research and teaching enabled by digital technologies, or that take advantage of these technologies to address questions in a new way. For a more in-depth discussion of definitions, see this article.

How many computers does the Scholars Lab Data Lab have and who will be able to use them?

Yes, there are 32-seat in the lab with Mac computers. UT staff, faculty, and students can use the lab, in keeping with the policy already in place for the other Mac computer labs in the libraries.

How can I reserve Data Lab to conduct workshops, host events, or deliver instructional sessions?

The Data Lab may be requested by faculty/instructors for their courses related to Digital Scholarship and/or data. To reserve a Project Room, visit our policy and request form

Does the Scholars Lab have a library web page? 

Yes, this is the Scholars Lab page

Is the Scholars Lab open to everyone?

The Scholars Lab welcomes all members of the campus community, providing a space for studying, engaging in Digital Scholarship tools, and exploring the various stages of the research lifecycle.

How can I reserve the Project Rooms?

Project Rooms are available for students and faculty to work on Digital Scholarship projects. Please note that these rooms are not for office hours or tutoring. To reserve a Project Room, visit our policy and request form.

What is the Scan Tech Studio and how can I reserve the space? 

The Scan Tech Studio is reservable for students and faculty to conduct Digital Scholarship work related to digitization, image processing, and text recognition and analysis. The studio provides access to the Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR), and Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities. The studio is equipped with a Zeutschel Scanner, OCR Flatbed Scanner, and a PC workstation. To reserve the Scan Tech Studio, visit our policy and request form.

What types of events take place in the Scholars Lab?

The Scholars Lab hosts events centered on Digital Scholarship, Data, and the research lifecycle. Examples include Digital Humanities workshops, Data and Donuts, GIS Day, and more.

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