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Scholars Lab

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the Scholars Lab be located?

The Scholars Lab will be located on the entry level of the Perry-Castañeda Library.

When will the Scholars Lab open?

The Scholars Lab is scheduled to open in Fall 2023. Construction began in December 2022.

What is digital scholarship?

At UT Libraries, we define digital scholarship broadly in order to reflect the wide range of scholarly activities conducted at the university. We think about digital scholarship as research and teaching that are enabled by digital technologies, or that take advantage of these technologies to address questions in a new way. For a more in-depth discussion of definitions, see this article.

Will there be computers in the Scholars Lab and if so, who will be able to use them?

Yes, there will be a 32-seat lab with Mac computers. UT staff, faculty, and students will be able to use the lab, in keeping with the policy already in place for the other Mac computer labs in the libraries.

Will the interview room be returning to PCL?

No, this service has been discontinued.

Does the Scholars Lab have a library web page? 

Yes, this is the Scholars Lab page

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