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UGS 302: STEM in Society / Osborne


What is this guide for?

You have two short papers that you need to do research for. I'm here to help.

In our session and on this guide, we will walk through:

  • How to choose and develop a topic based upon something that inspires you in a Campus Gems presentation
  • Defining peer review, the scholarly conversation and how to search within it to find the evidence you need for your papers
  • How to read a scholarly article
  • How information is organized here on the UT campus and the relevance of these resources to your college career

And lastly, we will talk about why you should never suffer in silence. You have resources for academic support in all of your research adventures: me. I'm amazing.


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Elise Nacca
Perry-CastaƱeda (Main) Library (PCL)

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