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UGS 303: US Public Education: Promise and Peril / Foster


What is this guide for?

This guide and our time together comes at a point where you are thinking about your topic for your research paper. Your paper is structured so that you get valuable feedback on the proposal and then on the annotated bibliography.

You need to complete an Annotated Bibliography with 10 or more sources, 10 of which must be refereed (scholarly). This session and guide will help you understand what refereed sources are and where to search for them.

This guide will be here all semester to help you do research. Please contact me anytime for support!


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Elise Nacca
Perry-CastaƱeda (Main) Library (PCL)

Ask me what I'm reading / listening to

Poetry: "November for Beginners" / Rita Dove

Fiction: O Caledonia: A Novel / Elspeth Barker

Teaching & Research: Technology and the Character of Contemporary Life: A Philosophical Inquiry / Albert Borgmann

Music: No Shape / Perfume Genius

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