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UGS 303: Visual Sociology / Pettit


Why you're here

For your assignment, you'll need to learn more about a photographer or filmmaker and the methods they use in their work.This guide will help you choose a photographer or filmmaker, find biographical info and criticism or analysis of their work. It will also help you to connect what you have learned about their work to social issues and sociological concepts. 

What is this Guide for?

Your UT library system is here to help you! 

Here you will find information on the following:

  • Exploring library resources, including databases, rare items, and much more
  • Evaluating online resources for credibility
  • PCL and the other library branches

Most importantly: this is where you go if you have a question but don't know who to ask! You can always reach out to me (Annah, see more info to the right of this box) with questions, or you can check in with one of our liaison librarians (see the tab on the left). Or if you need help right away, you can reach out to our Ask a Librarian Chat Service!


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