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Library Support for Signature Course (UGS) Faculty

Information Literacy in the Signature Courses

Services from Teaching and Learning Services

UT Libraries' Teaching and Learning Services provides course support for Signature (UGS) courses in several ways:

  1. We work with faculty to design effective research assignments.
  2. We teach Information Literacy sessions in consultation with UGS faculty. These sessions are related to research assignments and support the programmatic outcomes for Information Literacy and the learning outcomes for the course.
  3. We work with TAs to help them teach Information Literacy concepts in UGS courses.
  4. We create research guides for students, usually in concert with an Information Literacy session (see the "guides for students" tab for examples).
  5. We provide support materials like sample assignments, general guides, and tutorials for use in classes (explore the tabs along the sides for more).

Request these services for your UGS class:

Learning Outcomes

Information Literacy is one of the required elements of Signature Courses. There are three learning outcomes for this component of the signature courses:

  • Students will be able to evaluate sources of information based on criteria such as creation process, authority, currency, relevance, purpose, and perspective.
  • Students will be able to describe a research strategy that includes choosing an appropriate source of information, type of information, and keywords.
  • Students will be able to describe the idea that sources of information exist in conversation with each other.

Librarians are happy to help you incorporate these outcomes into your course. Email

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