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Finding Scripts/Screenplays

Finding Scripts and Screenplays

Finding scripts/screenplays can be difficult and time-consuming. Here are a few tips to help you find them by using library and web resources. 

  • Write down everything you know about the film. Title, year it came out, director, producer, main actors, screenwriters, etc. 
  • Be aware that many published scripts, especially for television, have no subject heading at all, and will only have the words "script," "scripts," "film script," "shooting script," or "screenplay" in the title or keywords. 
  • Keep in mind that not all scripts are published as a book and are sometimes published in magazines or anthologies. 
  • Realize that anything that came out recently will probably not be available yet. 
  • Know that most "scripts" found by googling are fan transcripts made to look like an official shooting script or are early versions of the script and may have differences from the final shooting script. 

Once you have this information, begin your research using the resources listed below. 


Free internet sources for scripts and transcripts. Be aware that some of these sites aren't official repositories and may contain early drafts rather than the final shooting script.

These libraries and archives house scripts and screenplays. Please contact them directly for assistance with their collections. 

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