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Black Queer Studies Collection

Using the Collection

How to Use the Collection


Discover the UT Libraries’ Black Queer Studies Collection (BQSC) of over 800 African and African Diasporic Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Studies materials. Books and media from the collection are held by various library branches, including the Perry-Castañeda Library, the Benson Latin American Collection, the Fine Arts Library as well as digital materials. ​


  1. Go to the UT Libraries Catalog Keyword Search. 

  2. Using the quotation marks, enter: 
    “Black Queer Studies Collection” 

  3. To search within the collection, add keyword terms such as:
    “Black Queer Studies Collection” and music

    “Black Queer Studies Collection” and feminism

    “Black Queer Studies Collection” and (femini* or wom?n or girl)

Wait, what's with those parentheses? Click the links below to learn more about advanced search techniques and finding books in the library.

Understanding your search results

The BQSC and this guide were created because traditional library organizational structures can often reinforce oppressive hierarchical systems that bury underserved communities’ voices and make their stories difficult to find. Intersectional identities, as with those of the Black Diasporic LGBTQ+ people, do not fit neatly into any one subject. Recognizing this can help you understanding your search results as you browse the collection. 

More questions? Book a research consultation with Gina Bastone, Women's and Gender Studies and LGBTQA+ Studies Librarian:


Tips for getting started

Look at the item’s record to check for:

  • Material type (Is it a book, dvd, etc.?)
  • Location (Is it at PCL, Fine Arts Library, etc.?)
  • Current status (Is it Available, On Hold, etc.?)

Catalog record for What color is your hoodie? essa


Check out a few of the search results on these sample topics in the collection:

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The Black Queer Studies Collection at the UT Libraries was created by Dr. Matt Richardson, Lindsay Shell, and Kristen Hogan in 2009. This BQSC Guide was created by Kristen Hogan in 2010, with additions made by Hayley Morgenstern in 2016 and Ginny Barnes in 2018.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic License.